Guest Posting Policy

The vision for The Christian Entrepreneur is that as the community surrounding this site grows some of you will want to contribute your own voice through guest posting.

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Thank You for Your Interest

Before I get into the guidelines and FAQs, I want to say what an honor it is that you have an interest in guest posting here.

I understand the time commitment it takes to keep your own blog full of fresh content, so I appreciate the extra sacrifice guest posting here takes.

Guest Post Guidelines

Here are the basic rules for guest posting.  All guest post submissions must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Your guest post must be original material owned by you.  It shall not have been previously published on another website or in print.
  • You agree not to publish the post on another website (including your own) or in print.  You may, and are encouraged to, produce a teaser post on your website.
  • You guarantee that you have legal permission to use any images submitted with your post.  If the image is covered under a Creative Commons license you must provide a credit line and link to the artist.
  • The length of your guest post must be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1,500 words in length.
  • Links to outside references should be used minimally with a preference given to quotes rather than just a link.  You may link to your own site, but make sure the link adds real value to my readers.  Affiliate links are not allowed.
  • All guest post submissions must include a byline with a maximum of 250 characters along with a picture optimized for 96px x 96px.  You may include up to three links in your byline to your websites, about page, or social media profiles.

Editorial Policy

I reserve the right to edit your post for grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors.  I may also edit your post to format it in a way that is more readable with my blog format.

I may provide a brief introduction or conclusion to your guest post explaining why I think my readers may benefit from your post.  This will be clearly set apart so that the reader will be able to easily distinguish it from your writing.

Any major editorial changes will be sent back to you for your approval before published.

Submission Process

To submit a guest post for consideration make sure that it complies with the guidelines above then email your submission to me with GUEST POST SUBMISSION in the subject line.  Include the post inside the email body rather than an as attachment.

Approval of Your Guest Post Submission

If your guest post is approved, you will be notified within one week of submission with the date that your post will appear on The Christian Entrepreneur.  There is a maximum of one guest post each week which is published on Wednesdays.

To maximize the effect of your guest post, you are strongly encouraged to write a teaser post on your own blog and promote the post through your social media accounts.  Also, please respond to all commenters to your guest post.

Rejection of Your Guest Post Submission

Nobody likes to have their submissions rejected; however, I reserve the right to reject any submission at my sole discretion. You will be notified within one week of submission if your post has been rejected.

Reasons that Your Guest Post Submission Might be Rejected

  • Your post violates the guidelines above.
  • Your topic is too far off the subject matter of this site.
  • The post is poorly written with many grammatical mistakes.
  • I don’t know who you are.  Get involved here before submitting.
  • The editorial calendar is currently full.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions concerning the guest posting policy.

Why Should I Write a Guest Post?

There are many reasons that one chooses to write a guest post.  Guest posting

  • provides you with an opportunity to have your writing read by a new audience,
  • generates web traffic and back links from the host site to your own,
  • builds your credibility as someone who has authority in your subject matter,
  • and builds relationships with other bloggers in your target niche.

Will I be Compensated for my Guest Post?

No.  The Christian Entrepreneur does not compensate writers for guest posts.

How is the Topic of my Guest Post Determined?

You are free to choose your own topic; however, all posts must fall under the following three categories (or their subcategories):

Your post can’t be a product or service review that constitutes an advertisement, nor can it contain affiliate links.

Must I Write About Christianity or Be a Christian to Guest Post?

No.  Your post must be helpful to my readers in the appropriate category.  For example, how to set up a listening post for your Twitter account would be helpful and there’s probably not much in the Bible on the subject.

Your guest post must not violate sound Biblical doctrines.  Occasionally, I may ask someone with a non-Biblical view to guest post providing a 360 degree look at a topic.