Comment Policy and Guidelines

Comment PolicyOne of the best features of a blog is the ability for readers to interact with the blogger and other commenters.  Comments are the lifeblood of any blog.  Many times, the comments are more interesting and informative than the blog post.

This blog has been blessed to with a great community that adds tremendous value to every post.  I have not had to moderate many comments; however, I know this will change as the web traffic to this site continues to grow.

My Rights as Owner of this Blog

As the owner of this blog, I reserve the right to:

  • Maintain control over all content and comments on this blog
  • Edit, censor, or delete any comments or posts published on this blog
  • Block and prevent comments from any person or groups
  • Use any comments or posts made on this blog for promotional purposes

Any comments or posts made on this blog become my intellectual property.  You give up all rights regarding this material, including the right to compensation.

Comment Guidelines (aka, The Rules)

All commenters agree to conduct themselves by the following rules.  As owner of this site, non-compliance with these rules will be determined at my sole discretion.

Properly Completed Comment Form

The comment form must be filled out with your proper name, blog name, or website name.  I am lenient when it comes to the name you select provided it is not offensive, is not simply a keyword or phrase, and does not contain links to spam or suspicious sites.

G Rated Language Only

All comments and posts on this blog should contain G rated language.  Any comments containing inappropriate or offensive language, or determined to be rude or offensive will be edited or deleted.

Your Comment is Part of a Conversation

Please remember that your comments are part of a conversation.  That’s what makes a blog so great.  Any comment that does not add to the conversation, or runs off on an inappropriate tangent, may be edited, moved, or deleted. 

Respect Other Commenters and Bloggers

This is a blog community.  All members should treat other commenters and bloggers with respect.  While it is fine to disagree on the subject being discussed, any personal attacks will get you a permanent ban from this site.

Links Within Comments

Any comment containing a link will be queued for moderation and approved manually.  Once a commenter has proven their trustworthiness, they may be added to the white list to avoid this process.  No more than two links will be approved per comment.

Any links to affiliate sites, squeeze pages, or inappropriate content will be deleted.  If I am also an affiliate, I will replace your link with mine if the information is helpful.

You are provided with a link in the comment form to your blog or website so please do not include one in your comment.

Your Privacy is Respected

Your privacy is extremely important.  Your email address is required to comment on this blog, but it is never shared, sold, or used for any other purpose.

Please refrain from including personal contact information in a comment.  Any addresses, phone numbers, or other personal information will be deleted.

Permanent Ban From this Site

You may be permanently banned for repeated or egregious violations of these rules at my sole discretion.  Such ban will include blocking your IP address, email account, and possibly your website address.

Hold Harmless

All comments made on this blog are the responsibility of the commenter, not the blog owner.  By submitting a comment on this blog, you agree that the comment content is your own, and to hold this site, The Christian Entrepreneur, and the owner, Bradley A. Harmon, harmless from any and all repercussions, damages, or liability.