Policies & Disclosures

Congratulations!  Grab a pen and paper because you’ve discovered the policies and disclosures page of The Christian Entrepreneur.

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Why Do You Have Policies & Disclosures?

The pages found under the Policies & Disclosures tab of the navigation bar are intended to provide the framework in which we interact together on this site.

Some of the items found on these pages are required, but most are included in an effort to be completely transparent to my readers in any ethical matters.

What is a Policy?

A policy is a set of guidelines that govern how this site operates. This includes how you contribute to this site through your comments, guest posts, or advertising.

It also provides you with this site’s obligation towards you in these same areas.  Policies are subject to change without notice at this site’s sole discretion.

What is a Disclosure?

Disclosures are notices to you that are generally required by a third party such as the Federal Trade Commission, Google, advertisers, or other organizations.

Disclosures provide necessary transparency to protect your privacy and make sure that you know about all potential conflicts of interest before you make a purchase.

In general, changes in disclosure require an effort to notify you of the change.  Whenever there is a material change in a disclosure, this site will notify its readers via a blog posting under the announcements category and/or it’s mailing list.

Policies & Disclosures for The Christian Entrepreneur

You can find all of the policies and disclosures for this site listed below.  Simply click on the links provided or hover your mouse over the Policies & Disclosure tab of the top menu to reveal navigation links to take you there.