Are You Hiding Your Treasure at Work?

by David Rupert on August 25, 2010 in Employees

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Today, I’m doing something new.  David Rupert, from Red Letter Believers, and I are swapping posts on the parable of the hidden treasure.  Many of you already know David from his site, his regular posts at The High Calling Blogs, or one of the many other blogs where he’s been a guest blogger.

For those of you who don’t know David, you’ll soon see why he’s earned a spot on our blogroll.  Without further adieu, here’s David’s post.

Hiding Your Treasure at Work

by David Rupert from Red Letter Believers

My dresser is probably not unlike yours.  It has drawers on two sides, every one of them packed full of clothing.

I have a drawer for my socks, another for my shorts and another for my pants.  Shirts and underwear have their own places. Everything has its place, so when I need to, I can go to the drawer and pull out what I require.

In life, I have similar drawers that I open, depending on my need.  I have a drawer for family. I open it up, talk to the kids, spend time with my wife, and be a family man.   It can close when I open another drawer, such as the recreation one.   That’s the one with my golf clubs or fly rod. It’s the drawer I open when I watch a baseball game or go to a concert.

I have a work drawer.  When I open this up, I get serious.  Customers depend on me.  My boss is counting on me.  My coworkers need me.  I have projects to complete, paperwork to fill out and reports to review.

And then I have the faith drawer.  I open this on Sunday morning as I head to church.  It’s a nice drawer, but it sometimes gets closed all too quickly, especially if someone else tries to look in it.  If I’m honest, I rarely open it the rest of the week. Crowded by commitments to the other drawers, I keep it closed.

To further compound the problem, I often only open one drawer at a time, especially when it comes to work.  I’ve been conditioned by peer pressure, court actions, and company policy to keep my faith conveniently tucked away.  I’ve been told to have a “personal faith,” and to keep it that way.  “Religion and politics” are two subjects that are off-limits.

But the quandary isn’t just talking about it.  It’s living it.  The truth is that I hardly even think about my faith at work, what God wants me to do, or how to reach my coworker.  Ever.

Jesus spoke about the kingdom of heaven in Matthew 13:44, likening it to a treasure “hidden in a field.”  A man discovered this treasure, and then decided to bury it in a hole and hide it again.  What was he afraid of?

That’s just like me.  I have a great treasure, but I keep it hidden in tidy compartments.  My organization of my life is admirable, but my application of my faith is inadequate.

Sometimes, I think it’s time to dump all the drawers out and start over.

How about you?

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Brad Harmon August 27, 2010 at 3:28 pm

Thanks for this great guest post David. Like you, I’ve become pretty good at compartmentalizing my life. I’ve been making a real effort over the past few years to empty all of those drawers out on the floor and mixing them together. Thanks for the reminder to keep on mixing.


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