20 Entrepreneurial Lessons from Creation

by Brad Harmon on August 3, 2010 in Entrepreneurs

20 Entrepreneurial Lessons from Creation | Marketplace Christianity

When you think about the account of Creation the last thing that comes to mind is business.  Hopefully, over the course of this month I will be able to change that.  In fact, having read no further than the title and opening sentence of this post, if you picked up your Bible now and read the first two chapters of Genesis you’d probably come up with several lessons of your own.

Since we’re made in His image, it makes sense that we would look towards the example He set when we create our own businesses.  We can use Creation as a blue print, a master plan (pun intended), to lay a solid foundation both to build and operate our entrepreneurial enterprises.

20 Entrepreneurial Lessons from Creation

I’ve narrowed down my list to 20 lessons, and I’ll be sharing them with you over the rest of the month in the form of a post per lesson.  As I publish these posts, I will update the list below for those of you starting this series in the middle.

  1. Your Business Starts with God
  2. How Will You Shape Your Business?
  3. Christian Businesses Don’t Exist
  4. The Secret to Being an Effective Communicator
  5. Shooting Hoops with God
  6. Where’s the Line Drawn in Your Business?
  7. Why’d You Call It That?
  8. Are You Trying to Do It All Yourself?
  9. Turning the Top Down Approach Bottom Up
  10. What Kind of Leaders are You Yielding?
  11. God Doesn’t Use Cookie Cutters
  12. Making Leaders Requires Getting Your Hands Dirty

What Lessons Did You Find?

There you have it.  I’ve shared with you (or will share with you) the top 20 lessons for entrepreneurs that I found from Creation.  What lessons did you find?  I’d love to hear your top takeaways from Genesis chapters 1 & 2, and how you plan to (or already have) put them into effect in your business.

UPDATE 08/31/10: I was a bit ambitious to think this 20 post series would fit into the same month I relaunched The Christian Entrepreneur as this site.  It looks like I’ll be publishing 2 to 3 of these posts each week until we’re finished instead.

The Secret to Being an Effective Communicator

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Will August 7, 2010 at 9:15 pm

Looks like you’re busy as usual Brad
All the best with this new look & website

Will recently posted..Twitter Campaign


Brad Harmon August 8, 2010 at 1:57 am

Thanks Will. I’m just about finished migrating the content over. It’s been a lot more time consuming than I thought to redress the older content and get accustomed to the Thesis theme and it’s many options.

I have learned a lot in the process, and I’m looking forward to both sites now addressing their own niches. Hopefully, this provides my readers from both communities that sprung up around The Christian Entrepreneur a more consistent and focused message.


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