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Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “ The maker of a sentence launches out into the infinite and builds a road into Chaos and old Night, and is followed by those who hear him with something of wild, creative delight.”  Wow, he knew how to write!

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We’re no Emerson, but we strive to provide you with valuable, thought-provoking information to improve your business, workplace, and marketplace by infusing Biblical principles into your everyday life.  Meet the writers who make this happen.

Brad Harmon, Editor

Brad Harmon, a graduate of Texas A&M University, started his career as a certified public accountant where he managed the accounting departments of several small and medium-sized companies.  As an employee, he struggled with how his faith could have a bigger impact in the workplace.

He felt God calling him to help other small business owners operate on the Biblical principles he had learned through the years, so he launched his own accounting firm in 2004.  After a few years, God reminded him that the vision wasn’t preparing tax returns and financial statements.

He left the firm to become a full-time business coach and speaker.  In 2009, he launched The Christian Entrepreneur as an online resource for small business owners.  Today, he spends his time blogging, speaking, and consulting on ways Christians can bring their faith into their businesses, jobs, and the marketplace.

Our Staff Writers

Currently, there are no staff writers at The Christian Entrepreneur; however, I would like to have some. Please email me if you would be interested in becoming one.

Senior Staff Writers contribute to this site on a weekly basis.  They have considerable input on the editorial calendar and direction of this site.  Their posts are shown on the front page of the site in the featured posts box.

Junior Staff Writers contribute to this site on a monthly basis.

All staff writers receive an expanded biography like those above with up to 5 links to their websites, about page, or social media accounts.  These are unpaid positions.

Contributors/Guest Bloggers

Anyone who contributes to The Christian Entrepreneur by writing a post will receive a byline at the end of their post a maximum of 250 characters long, along with their picture (96px by 96px), and up to three links to their websites, about page, or social media accounts.

In addition, these bylines for all contributors will appear here on the About Our Writers page.  Clicking on the author’s name or picture will bring up a page of all of the posts they have contributed to this site.