Welcome to Marketplace Christianity

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What is Marketplace Christianity?

Think about it.  God has only called about 3% of Christians into “full-time ministry” as members of the clergy.  Their job is to equip the 97% of us who have been called to work as entrepreneurs, leaders, and employees in the marketplace.

Our job is to be the “salt and light” to the world.   We share our faith through our actions in the marketplace as we apply Biblical principles to grow our businesses, excel as employees, and be wise stewards of the resources with which God has entrusted us.

What is the Purpose of this Site?

Did you know that the Bible addresses the subject of money over 800 times?  It was one of the subjects that Jesus talked about most.  Most of these references have nothing to do with tithes and offerings.  Surprised?  It’s easy to see why.

The average church today only preaches on these two topics when it comes to money.  What a shame.   The Bible is filled with practical principles that can make a real impact on our businesses, jobs, and finances.

The purpose of this site is to help you discover and apply these principles.

What this Site is Not

If you’re looking for a quick formula, way to think, or a prayer to say that will make you filthy rich you won’t find it here.  While the “prosperity gospel” is appealing, it just isn’t what the Bible teaches is about wealth.

It’s our sincerest hope that you make peace with God through His gift of salvation; however, this site isn’t about trying to convert anyone.  It’s simply a resource for Christians who are striving to live out their faith in the marketplace in a manner that brings honor to God.